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Nov 15 2011

What will your legacy be?

A lot of things have happened to me lately… got into a wreck yesterday..dropped my phone into a cup of water this morning..but I would have to say the thing that is affecting me the most is finding out that my 4th grade teacher passed away. Like I really don’t know how to feel right now. She is the reason behind my classroom management techniques. She was the meanest, most unapproachable person on the outside, but  I remember that was just a front. She was really the best teacher I’ve ever had. She was so caring and loving and I just knew that she truly valued me as her student. I remember I was the biggest snitch in 4th grade. I would always tell her every single thing every other student had done. And I remember her just looking at me or sometimes not even paying attention to me. She is the reason behind the IGNORE method I use in my classroom for unintelligent crap my students do! Its because of her I don’t lose my mind on a daily basis. The students eventually get the picture that what they are saying is IRRELEVANT. Like “I don’t have a pencil” or “what page are we on” or even “he keeps tapping me.” The pencils are in the same place they’ve been since August, the page number is on the board and tell that boy to stop tapping you!! I learned how to say all of that with just one look. I got that look from her! I remember she would ALWAYS come to school fly every single day. I’m talking nails done, hair done, nice outfit everything! I thought she was the prettiest teacher in the school. And she had such a prestige to her. Wow. I want my students to remember me as the teacher who truly cared about them. I want them to know that even though they think I am hard on them sometimes, I’m doing this for their own good. I want to leave a legacy behind so that when my students are in college, they will remember the note-taking skills Ms. Jackson taught them and that I truly cared about them. When you go, or should I say when your 2 years are up, what kind of legacy will you leave?

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  1. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be remembered as “that crazy teacher Ms. L who was always jumping around and talking about college…”

    As for my PREFERRED legacy… well. Maybe it’s not much different.

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