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Jun 11 2011

Fired Up!

This is how I feel after Induction!

This week has flown by. I’ve met so many great people at Induction and learned so many new things. After yesterday’s welcome ceremony I just feel so fired up! I feel like I can end the achievement gap RIGHT NOW! lol. That’s how excited I am about this experience. I know it will take time and patience, but with endurance and perseverance we can accomplish our goal of giving every child a chance to learn. I am super stoked about finding out my placement (fingers crossed that its in South Charlotte) and I am also super stoked about finding out who my PD (or manager, as they call it now) is.

I know it sounds nerdy, and maybe even a little overly excited of me, but I’ve already started brainstorming ideas about my classroom. I want to make sure my students are excited to learn, because I am most definitely excited to teach them. Even though Middle School Math wasn’t my first choice subject, I am honored that Teach For America is trusting me to teach it. It will give me an opportunity to face a challenge that I myself had trouble learning at one point. Because I know how difficult math can seem (keyword: seem) I feel like I can relate to my students to make it plain. Sometimes we defeat ourselves mentally before we even get a chance to try. I believe once you convince yourself that you CAN do something, it is already done. Voila!

3 Responses

  1. High five dude. Time to kick some achievement butt in the Delta!

  2. Wess

    Two things:
    1. Manager? Is that a Charlotte thing?
    2. Totally not nerdy to be thinking about your classroom already.
    3. If you need any math stuff for institute or otherwise, I’m yours! Just let me know!

    • jacks4kids

      I’m not totally sure about the whole change from PD to may be something that’s only happening in Charlotte. And thanks so much! I’ll e-mail you if I need some math stuff!

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