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May 30 2011

patiently anxious

One week from today I’ll be in Charlotte. There are a number of emotions going through me right now. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m overwhelmed. I’m just..everywhere. I am preparing myself for a very challenging summer. I know Induction and Institute will have a very heavy schedule, but I’m ready for it…or at least that’s what I’ve convinced myself. No matter how overwhelming Institute is this summer, I am DETERMINED to party at least ONCE a week. I know I’m going to need to blow off some steam, kick back, relax. All that jazz. I’m ready to work. I’m ready to learn. And I’m also ready to have fun when the week is over! Instead of focusing on how difficult my weeks will be at Institute, I’m focusing on how to release all the stress that it is sure to bring. A night of fun with other CMs will be well received, I can imagine. Now, back to my Pre-Institute/Induction reading :)

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